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Christian ministry vocational training
Counseling - Life Coaching

The "Bible Training Counseling & Coaching Ministry" (BTCMinistry) combine biblical theology with counseling and coaching.
BTCMinistry is committed to glorify God in serving the Body of Christ, according to Ephesians 4:11, with the firm belief that an on-going Christian education is the right of all Christian believers, with no age or degree qualification limit, to fulfill God’s call in one’s life.
BTCMinistry welcomes the partnership with other Christian Institutions in developing an extensive and full proven curriculum to equip the believers for the work of the ministry.
BTCMinistry has been founded in 2005, as an outcome of Past. Maurizio and Tuula Secondi’s ministry, serving the Lord since 1975, in evangelism, church planting, teaching, and pastoral ministry.
BTCMinistry is a faith-based ministry looking to God to provide the necessary vision, leading, and means.

BTCMinistry objective:

- The revealed knowledge of God’s plan for your life.

- Your personal relationship with God -

- The development of your personality as you receive the will of God -

- The practice of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and His leading -

- Research and vocational guidance of your abilities for Christian service -

- Experiential training through modular and flexible courses -

- Biblical/theological training applied on spiritual dynamics -

- Life Coaching and Life Coaching-